Ferruccio Vecchi. Lapin felt boater hat, cream beige.


Product details:

Ferruccio Vecchi
Fabric: 100% lapin
Made in Italy
La Bufanda Design

About Ferruccio Vecchi

“Because Ferruccio Vecchi hats are not just any hats. They’re stories, they’re encounters, they’re the people that wear them.
They’re the stories of our craftspeople, who every day carefully select natural fibres, yarns and wonderful fabrics to create Italian hats with unmistakable style.
They’re encounters with ever-new worlds, experiences and technologies, which combine with centuries of tradition to make small works of art.
By choosing from our collection of artisan hats, you’re choosing to be unique.”

The expertise of Ferruccio Vecchi artisans, the precision of there processes and the strength of the collection, combined with the most high-quality materials, make every one of our Ferruccio Vecchi hats a real work of art.

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This item been beautifully hand-made. Any irregularities in the manufacture are one of its characteristic features and are not to be considered as flaws. These articles are alike but never identical, and this is what makes them unique and exclusive. If they are embroidered, do not pull any loose threads, but rather sew theme carefully.