Malvi. Carmen natural wood, batik fan


Product details:

Birch wood, cotton and rayon
Batik, handmade painted
Finishing with natural resins
Size 42
Made in Spain
La Bufanda design

Malvi was created in 1985 in ALACUÁS, (VALENCIA), with the purpose of renovating an area firmly stuck in tradition. They wanted to bring forward new ideas as regards planning and designs of our product, without ignoring the artisans work who had consolidated this aesthetic accessory.
These dressing ACCESORIES may not be a collection of items with a special relevance by themselves, but they are able to create an external atmosphere to our existence.

MALVI FANS, as result of there craftmanship and team work, implies the effort of various people involved in the same project. Through the selection of the finest textils, woods, together with their painting and fretwork, we look for those contrasts and cromatic solutions accordingly to the aesthetics of our times. They create a warm object, pleasant to sight and touch that goes well with people in any social situation, without ever forgetting their usefulness.

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This item been beautifully hand-made. Any irregularities in the manufacture are one of its characteristic features and are not to be considered as flaws. These articles are alike but never identical, and this is what makes them unique and exclusive. If they are embroidered, do not pull any loose threads, but rather sew theme carefully.